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Dear Lover of Art & Personal Growth, Take a peak at our newly-released Authentic Allowing for Minimalists paperback. It features the March artwork & corresponding Appreciation Practice.

Intentional appreciation can be a simple, easy way to transform your state of being and, in turn, your external reality, If you like, try this practice today & add it to your personal growth toolbox. Wonders may unfold!

Authentic Allowing for Minimalists can be purchased on Amazon in this glossy softcover form or an immediately-available ebook. Happy March, Everyone! From @hoshihana and

Is your special someone a personal growth enthusiast? Do they also love art? If so, we have a unique Valentine gift idea for you! Authentic Allowing for Minimalists: 12 Simple Self-Reflection and Manifestation Practices is THE art book for lover's of personal growth. Featuring concisely-written practices for today's busy lifestyle, these practices are paired with minimalist art to enhance the self-reflection process.

This innovative book was created by LA-based artist, Hoshi Hana, & personal development coach, Kim Jordan. February’s practice has something for everyone - whether you want to create, deepen, or revive intimacy, or if you prefer being single, Authentic Allowing for Minimalists offers you a way to nurture presence. Presence makes the world more meaningful and magical! Watch these quirky creators newly-released commercial for their book.

You can purchase this elegant, thoughtful book as a special gift for him, her, them, friends, or yourself at Amazon. Click below!

We are excited to announce that the paperback version of our book, “Authentic Allowing for Minimalists” is now available on Amazon, and we’re thrilled with the way it looks in print. The cover is glossy, the interior art looks vivid and beautiful, and all the text is clear and perfectly aligned.

This elegant little thought-provoking book can be yours to hold in your hands and use at your leisure for the magical price of $13.23! Also, just so you know, a hardcover version is also in process. It’ll be available in February and will be priced at $23.13.

While you are here, claim a free gift by subscribing to our email list to learn all about our art book series for lovers of personal growth.

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