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Experience the Authentic Allowing "Immerse Yourself in Nature" Practice on Earth Day

Dear Lover of Art & Personal Growth, Hoshi Hana & I hope you enjoy this simple, revitalizing nature-oriented practice. It's designed to bring your awareness to the restorative beauty of this fantastic living Earth.

You can try this guided nature meditation with your eyes open, closed, or a combination of the two. You can experience it in a forest, an urban park, your back yard, your balcony, or wherever you feel you can more intentionally appreciate nature. By "nature" we mean trees, flowers, birds, clouds, wind, sunshine, etc. We also mean cats, dogs, and... human beings. We're natural, too! Just make sure you're in a safe place to enjoy the practice. Use it any day! The more we intentionally connect to the living Earth, the more energy we have to advocate. Happy Earth Day!


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