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Shop our visually inspiring calendars for 2024

Happy Holidays, Everyone! Start your year with renewed clarity, purpose, and ease by purchasing an Authentic Allowing 2024 wall calendar. Place it strategically in your home or office, admire it a bit, and then start filling in your important reminders!

Attractive wall calendars can help you:

  • easily keep up with your upcoming appointments

  • look forward to fun events

  • and keep your promises to yourself... all at a glance!

Have you ever missed a meeting by making a mistake on a digital calendar app? Sometimes the little colored square ends up in the wrong time slot or even on the wrong day, right? That's why lots of people are switching back to wall calendars or using their phone and a wall calendar to stay attuned to their schedule - because they find the actual full-month visual that a wall calendar offers helps them manage their life better. Also, scientific studies show that the more complex task of writing by hand (rather than typing) stimulates more brain activity and improves memory, so you're more likely to remember important dates if you write them down.

Two options for using a wall calendar for optimal scheduling success:

  • Don't use an app; just use your wall calendar.

  • Take a picture of the calendar with your phone so you can always have it with you.

  • Keep a note of any appointments you make during the day on your phone

  • Make a quick review of your wall calendar every night before you go to bed, and add any new reminders to it. Take new pictures as needed.


  • If you're using a phone app, add any appointments that you added to it during the day to your wall calendar when you get home.

  • Make a quick review of your wall calendar before you go to bed.

Either way:

  • Sleep well knowing that you're aware and prepared.

  • Check your wall calendar again in the morning, and have a great day.

About the artwork & printer:

Both of our Authentic Allowing calendars feature original artwork by Hoshi Hana, a Japanese-American designer and artist from Los Angeles, California. These calendars are available print-on-demand, which means they're hot off the press, made especially for you.

Print-on-demand is a green alternative to conventional printing. It takes a little longer to produce and ship to you, but it also reduces overproduction and waste, so thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions! In addition, you might like to know that our printer, Shopify, is a carbon-neutral company, so thanks to them for providing this service!

The Authentic Allowing Minimalist Calendar:

The artwork for the Authentic Allowing Minimalist Art Calendar offers a contemporary take on the minimalist art movement of the mid-20th century. Minimalist artists create pure, harmonious, and balanced forms of abstract art rather than imitating something else, like a bowl of fruit or a landscape. The color palate comes from the Japanese Taishõ Era of 1912 to 1926 as presented in A Dictionary of Color Combinations.

If you like the philosophy of minimalism, which values essence over excess, check out our book Authentic Allowing for Minimalists: 12 Self-Reflection & Manifestation Practices. It offers one concisely written personal growth practice for you to explore and integrate into your personal growth tool kit each month. These practices were crafted by personal development coach Kim Jordan and board-certified educator Hoshi Hana. The book is available in a glossy hardcover format, a convenient paperback, or a vibrant ebook, which is great for last-minute Christmas gifts.

Click here to buy the book at Amazon. Click below to buy the calendar at Art Love Friend:

The Authentic Allowing Two Tone Ska Calendar:

The black and white artwork for the Authentic Allowing Two Tone Ska Edition is an homage to the Two Tone movement that emerged in Britain in the late 1970s and early 80s. The Two Tone movement was a multicultural dance music craze that promoted racial and gender equality and unity with their lyrics, their stage presence, and their individual outreach to fans and protesters. Foundational bands were The Specials, The Selecter, The Bodysnatchers, and The Beat, (known as The English Beat outside of the UK).

We feel this inspiring movement deserves more attention and consideration. Learn more about its outpouring of art, innovation, and activism in our upcoming book Authentic Allowing Two Tone Ska Edition: A Brief Cultural History and Self-Reflection Prompts. Subscribe to our email list to receive updates. In the meantime, enjoy this vibrant, energizing calendar. The words included in the artworks, like NEW, ALIVE, and EQUALITY refer to the spirit of the movement.

About our store:

Complimentary gift items for yourself or a loved one can be found in Hoshi's Art Love Friend store. There you'll find t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and some other fun items that match the calendars.

Check back because Hoshi will be adding more items soon.

Get your calendar:

Purchase your calendar now by clicking the button below, and have a wonderful 2024. You'll be supporting a women-owned business and an independent artist and writer, so thank you! We want to acknowledge that 2023 has been a really intense year for the Earth and all its creatures, including humanity, so we hope you’re doing well and finding ways to navigate and embrace reality that work for you. If you purchase a calendar, we hope it helps you stay relaxed, grounded, and present. Have a wonderful 2024!

Peace & love, Kim & Hoshi


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